Robbinsdale Staff 



Position Name Email
Principal Bethany Keeney
Assistant Principal Forrest Paris
Dean of Students Julie Thompson
Secretary Michelle Almond
Secretary Mary Hansen
Nurse Sateera Thompsen
Counselor Lane Madsen
Kindergarten Erin Alfson
Tracy O’Sullivan
Beth Stewart
Bethany Andersh
1st Grade Myrna Westby
Suzanne Reed
Shelby Schramm
Megan Suto
2nd Grade Megan Lougheed
Jodi Massie
Kayla Herbener
Robecca Bryant
3rd Grade Lynell Campbell
Samantha Mason
Tanner Waage
Jeremiah Karas
4th Grade Cecily McMacken
Tammy Gilbert
Aaron Seefeldt
5th Grade Bradley Horan
Brittany Condon
Brianna Arity
Information Media Specialist

Library Clerk

Molly Pope

Laura McCarthy

Physical Education Rick Jensen
Music Lani Anderson
Learning Lab Brynn DeMaranville
Literacy Specialists Kristi Harris
Marianne Gaffney
Teaching and Learning Coach Cary Combs
Intervention Specialist Stephanie Hunter
Title 1 Intervention Randi Lipp
School Psychologist Julie Remmereid
3-5 District Room Catherine Leber
District Room Paraprofessionals Dione Smith
Toni Sabrowski

Katie Koster


Learning Center Lori Wood
Katherine Jensen
Behavior Strategist Kellie Sabo
Learning Center Paraprofessionals


Julie Babbe
Zachary Jensen
Valerie Sabrowski
Marilee Peterson
Amy Johnson
 Speech / Language Pathologist Jordan Purdy

Theresa Gibbens

Occupational Therapist Laura Belzer
Physical Therapist Stacie Kellogg
Orchestra Elizabeth Knowles
Band Sheryl Martin
Custodial Tim Seger
Lunchroom Jane Heard
Memory Lester
Recess Monitors Heather Herron, Megan Eagle, Carlene Livermore , Roberta Luera